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On August 4, 2018, Carson will be putting his toes-on-the-nose as he competes with his canine friends at the World Dog Surfing Championships.  Life gets better!


Got a surfing dog?  Kihei and his buddies on the Gnarly Crankin K-9 Wave Maker


HWAC Surf Dog Surf A thon                                                                                                                                    Sunday, October 2                                                                                                                                                    Photo credits:                                                                 

Batman: Keep an eye out for Catwoman, Robin! She’s very sneaky and will try to sabotage our ride.
Robin: You mean she’s gonna drop-in and snake our wave?
Batman: Affirmative. She’ll try to CAT-A-BUNGA our wave.

Batman: Robin brace yourself Catwoman is on board.
Just let her get us to shore, then I will BATWING her.

On the podium getting 2nd place Small Dog.  Ziggy got 3rd and Gidget the Surf Pug got 1st place.  Ziggy and I are leaving the competitive circuit and moving on to a new chapter of our lives.  All the best Ziggy, I had a blast surfing with you (that’s Ziggy in the background with her mom).


HB Surf City Surf Dog                                                                                                                                Sunday, September 25                                                                                                                                             Photo credits:                                                                            Dale & Karen Photography:

This a snapshot of what happened at this event.  They said I caught the wave of the day.

Unleashed by Petco Imperial Beach Surf Dog Competition
Saturday, July 30, 2016

Photo credit:  Charmaine Gray Photography


Carson and Kihei aka Batman and Robin in tandem heat.  This was Carson’s first competition.  Under the tutelage of older bro and pro, Kihei , Carson is in good hands!

kalani and doyle

Kalani girlie, owner Andra lew, making her way in to a 3rd place finish.  I was Kalani’s water handler.


Navigating the not so simple inside section.


Getting ready for their debut tandem heat.


So pround of Carson’s first competition.  He will become a champ!

Watch Team Kihei compete Saturday, July 30, 2016 at the Unleashed by Petco Surf Dog Competition in Imperial Beach, California.  It’ll be super dog diggity fun for all!  See you there!Kihei_Killerimage

It was dog diggity fun, on Friday, April 22, 2016, Kihei was riding Lucy Pet’s Gnarly Crankin K-9 Wave Maker at the Pet Expo OC Fairgrounds.  Lucy Pet’s Wave Maker will be a float in the 2017 Rose Parade and select dogs will be riding the wave maker.  Kihei hopes to be selected.  Thank you Lucy Pet Products for letting me ride the wave maker.



Click on the following link for video by KTLA5, 3rd video on the page:  Kihei KTLA5 video, Pet Expo OC Fairgrounds

FB_IMG_1438566378006FB_IMG_143856635146920150801_10191020150801_112413FB_IMG_1438565910939It was a beautiful summer day at the Unleashed by Petco Dog Surf Competition held at Imperial Beach in San Diego, CA.  The event held on Saturday, August 1, 2015 was heavily attended by dog lovers of all kinds ooooing and ahhhing as the surfing dogs balanced their way into shore.  Kihei made it to the finals in the small dog category but he didn’t place this time.  But he was super proud of mamma Jill because she was the water handler for Kalani, a fun-loving tail wagging hugging dock diving golden retriever therapy dog, owned by Andra Lew, who came in first place.  Congratulations to all the dogs for participating.  FB_IMG_1438565973260Kalani in the pink life vest and fellow surf dog are exchanging a few barks about who has the wave.  In human surfing, the one closest to the peak has the right of way but in dog surfing party waves are allowed.


20150710_09562220150710_09482320150710_092906Kihei volunteered at the 21st annual CSR Kids Day on Friday, July 10, 2015 at Marine Stadium, Long Beach, CA.  The day was filled with water sports for over 800 children with terminal illnesses across LA and Orange County.  Kihei got to play ball and surf with the kids.   The In n Out Burger truck provided lunch for everyone and Captain America stopped by to greet everyone. It was a beautiful and fun day at the beach.

Click on the link above to view video from the Paddleout in Memory of the Waves 2015 Long Beach, California.  I got to participant with all the awesome humans gathering for an awesome cause to Sink the Breakwater.  Soon there will be waves rolling onto the shores of Long Beach, California.

From Long Beach Surfrider…

Did you know that before WWII, Long Beach was known as the “Waikiki of Southern California”? We had waves!! There was even a surfing contest here in 1939. So what happened to it since then?

The breakwaters were built:
The Long Beach breakwater was built as a part of the deepwater port project. The construction of the San Pedro and Middle Breakwaters started in 1899 and 1932, and completed in 1912 and 1942 respectively. The construction of the Long Beach Breakwater started in 1941, but was halted in 1943 due to WWII. Construction was resumed in 1946, and completed in 1949. The U.S. Navy moved in to the port of Long Beach in 1940 and used the breakwaters for military purposes.

Effect of the Long Beach breakwater:
Since the breakwater was created, Long Beach’s waterfront has deteriorated. The natural flow of the ocean current and waves had previously assisted in keeping the beaches and waters in Long Beach free from stagnating pollutants. With the breakwater, urban runoff or stormwater from the Los Angeles River gets trapped within the harbor.

“Sink the Breakwater, Restore the Shore”!

Dr A Bixby AnimalThis is Dr Abrishami at Bixby Animal Clinic everyone calls him Dr. A.  He keeps me healthy and fit for my surfing comps.  My competitors are more than half my age.  I’m 13 1/2 years old and he makes me feel half my age.  Mwah… Dr. A

Mayor GarciaThis is the Mayor of Long Beach, Robert Garcia.  It was Beach Streets Long Beach where they shut down 3 miles of Atlantic Blvd between Wardlow and Houghton Park for bicycle and non-motorized traffic only.  The community came together this day.  He took a photo op with me and Benson.  He said he saw me on the front page of Long Beach Press Telegram.  Thank you Mayor Garcia for making Long Beach a great place to live.

Kihei and Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge on Good Morning America!


Team Kihei is excited about the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge – May 29, 2015 State Beach, Huntington Beach, Ca.   See you there!


1st Place Small Dog Team Kihei at 2014 Surf City Surf Dog competition.


Surf Dog Surf A Thon 2014 is ON for Kihei.  Please join us on Sunday, September 7 at Del Mar’s Dog Beach for some dog-gone fun!


Kihei on board the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Dogs on a Surfboard, Loews Coronado Surf Dog Contest 2012

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