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Kihei and Purina Incredible Dog Challenge on ABCNEWs Good Morning America

Kihei and his surf competitors were featured on Good Morning America.  It was the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge held on May 29 – 30, 2015.  This event features the “best of the best” in dogs competing for top honors in their own type of doggie olympics.  There were seven categories… Agility, Diving Dog, Fetch It, Freestyle Flying Disc, Jack Russell Hurdle Races, 30 Weave Up and Back and Surfing.  It was a honor and privilege to participant in, and watch this two-day event.  The weather was gorgeous, blue skies and perfect almost-summer beach weather.   The surfing venue was held at the river mouth at the south end of Huntington State Beach.  Perfect three – four footers worked their way onto shore, breaking and reforming again and again, allowing the dogs and their surfboards to navigate all the way into shore.  State beach lifeguards in their bright yellow rash guards assisted the dogs in and out of the water, springing into action, retrieving the pups ride after ride.  On shore, the crowds of people cheered for their favorite surfing dogs.  It was a pawsome day surfing.  Up in the parking lot at the main venue, bleachers were filled with people and dogs, young and old, “oo-ing” and “ahh-ing” for the competitors.  The main stage doubled as a diving dock with a huge screen to watch the live feed and instant replays for those close calls and misses.  It was entertaining to watch the workers as they unfolded and broke down one event to the next onto the grassy arena.  Poles, pads,  giant accordion pleated vacuum hose tunnels including a giant swimming pool, were just some of the equipment needed to make up the courses.  The agility course required a lot of equipment including a giant teeter-totter, A-frame ramps and weave poles.  During the luncheon, a Purina official welcomed the competitors and spoke to us about Purina’s mission, their new food formulas, how the sod, used to build the grassy arena, will be donated to a local school and the water, used to create the dock diving pool, will be used to water the local public plants at the beach.   To be green and eco-friendly was part of their mission.  It was a lively atmosphere, fun and exciting and competitive in a dog friendly way.   Purina Pro Plan and Carson Events did an outstanding job in my mind.  Dogs and pet owners of all shapes and sizes came together transcending into a perfect pawsitive moment in time.   The Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge was INCREDIBLE.