Team Kihei gets 1st place at the 6th Annual Surf City Surf Dog Competition 2014

Pawesome day! Kihei got 1st place Small at Surf City Surf Dog. It was not dog’s play, push your dog into knee deep conditions this year. Conditions were RUFF, really rough! The strong current, 5′ high tide and shore pound were tough and dogs and owners took a tumble into the hard packed sandy shore. Surfing skills and good wave judgement were critical as were fins for the paddle out to catch the outside breakers. Kihei showed’em how to do it in the RUFF surf conditions! Yay Team Kihei!
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It’s never too late to learn

50s the new 30s, 60s the new 40s and 70s… one of my students was turning 69.  Ellen had the lean body of a 20 something, her mind as sharp a precision instrument and her spirit inspired me.   I was in awe of her and honored to share my knowledge of surf. Surf Lesson June 1 2013 Ellen Armstrong 008Age is not presenting any barriers with this sport at least from what I can see.   Last weekend, I was blessed once more to share the gift of surfing with two women both in their mid 60s.   Avid skiers and daily workouts at the gym, Sylvia and Evelyn both were natural athletes and we soon find out in the water as well.  Although, Evelyn had a neck issue that prevented her from popping up, I was amazed by her agility, balance and board handling while paddling around and through the the whitewater.   Sylvia with a minor knee issue was determined.  Using a step-by-step method and progression to a surf stance, Sylvia was riding out three waves in no time.   I was amazed by their determination and truly inspired.  They left me feeling with a sense of accomplishment and appreciation for living life to the fullest!


Surfing and Teaching

We love surfing and teaching and we look forward to introducing you to this life changing sport, otherwise known, as passing the stoke! We’ll teach you all the basics, including water safety, proper paddling technique, wave formation, catching waves, the pop-up, the proper stance for riding waves, and just plain having fun!

Surf Instructor


Jill Nakano is an NSSIA certified surf instructor, and just recently achieved the title of Senior Surf Instructor, by completing a thorough certification process given by the National Surf School and Instructors Association (NSSIA).  She has been surfing up and down the sunny Southern California coast for the last 25 years.