Love what you do, it makes a big difference!

Blackies, Newport Beach, CA a popular surfer’s hangout and great spot to learn how to surf.  Blackies is part longboard spot, part surf/social club, part beach-scene with decent waves when the right swells converge .  The break is situated between Newport Pier and a rock jetty at the end of 28th street.  When a decent swell arrives, the who’s who of longboarders congregate here i.e. Alex Knost, a talented pro diy hipster surfer, I met at the US Open of Surfing 2015 last week.   He strolled into ding repair where I was assisting Molly Logan, board repair specialist, hired to repair the competitor’s boards.  20150731_124537 These guys like to slip into the lineup on their old school single fin logs and show off their incredible footwork and riding skills turning heads and shutters clicking to capture the moment.  Today sisters, Christa and Danielle,  got to take control of the lineup and show off their new surfing skills.  Congratulations Danielle and Christa!  The smiles on your faces were all I needed to feel that sense of accomplishment from passing on the stoke as a surf instructor.   Christa is off the college soon, good luck!  I know you will make a difference in this world.20150805_093045IMG_0122IMG_0127