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Surfing Lessons

Private and group lessons are open to all ages and last 1.5 hours.  Lessons include 20 - 30 minutes of beach instruction including warm-up stretching and ocean and water safety, including soft-top surfboard with leash. Wetsuits are limited in supply (check with us).  We prefer you bring your own. Our ratio is 1 instructor per 2 students. We are experienced surfers with great knowledge of the ocean and are CPR/First Aid Certified. 

Beginner – We love surfing and teaching and we look forward to introducing you to this life changing sport, otherwise known, as passing the stoke! We’ll teach you all the basics, including water safety, proper paddling technique, wave formation, catching waves, the pop-up, the proper stance for riding waves, and just plain having fun!

Taking Your Surfing To Another Level -If you feel you've mastered most of the basics, but are still looking for instruction, we also have a full program. For those of you who would like to take their surf sessions to another level, we can work with you on practicing either your long board or short board basics, or assisting you with attaining the next levels. These levels include such skills as wave selection, timing and angling down the line surfing, as well as turning maneuvers, carving, and nose riding.

40 and over – Remember, it's not too late to learn! For women in their 40s+ we have the capability to put together a group of women in that age range for you to meet, and know you aren't the only one out there at your age. We pay particularly close attention to whatever needs that the 40+ group might have.


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