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Jill Nakano is an NSSIA certified surf instructor, and just recently achieved the title of Senior Surf Instructor, by completing a thorough certification process given by the National Surf School and Instructors Association (NSSIA).  She has been surfing up and down the sunny Southern California coast for the last 25 years. 


Born in San Diego, California, Jill is a California native who caught the stoke of surfing after a trip with relatives to Hawaii in the early 1990s. After that moment, she started dragging her first surfboard into the rolling surf at beautiful Tourmaline Surf Park in Pacific Beach, California and became a regular in the lineup. That’s where she began to hone her surfing skills, and has continued to do so, even today at Huntington Beach near where she now lives. 


Jill’s love for surfing would eventually get her involved with Coalition of Surfing Club competitions. First competing for Pacific Beach Surf Club in the early 2000s, whose team members comprised of some well-known longboard surfers including Jen Smith, Pablo Smith, Mary Bagalso, Kevin Connelly to name a few, and later after moving to Long Beach, California would join Long Beach Surf Club whose members include 1970’s United States Champion, Jericho Poppler and Surf Announcer and Commentator, Dave Stanfield. And in 2011, Jill was the first woman who received the club’s honorable “jacket” for her surfing accomplishments.

Surfing Community

It didn’t take Jill long to become a known commodity of the popular Huntington Beach Surf community. Surfing almost every day at Bolsa Chica State Beach and Huntington Beach Cliffs and pier for years; rain or shine, overhead, or ankle slappers, she quickly became well-known, and well-respected by all, up and down the coast. For years she has been a competitive longboard surfer in Coalition Surfing events, including the Malibu Longboard Classic, Doheny’s Gathering of the Tribes at Church and many other coalition events. This led her to become involved with Roxy Women’s Longboarding and Linda Benson’s Professional Women’s Longboard events in her mid 40s as a professional surfer. 


Jill knew that she had a gift for the sport, and so wanted to extend that gift to others by teaching. Jill has taught now, for the last three years, at many surf breaks up and down the coast of California. She's been involved with Boarding House Montors, teaching kids from the inner ciy, Los Angeles, some who have never seen the beach. She also participates every year at Special Kids Day, in Long Beach, by volunteering her time to introduce kids with mental disabilities to the sport of surfing. Surfing is not solely a sport for those who live at the beach, and is not only great exercise, it's also a feeling, of "one" with nature, the surf and the sun, that can be fulfilling, and even healing.

For You

Today, Jill in her early 50s, is still competitive and enjoys surfing and teaching, immensely, and if you decide to try out a sport that will hook you the moment you step into the surf, she will be right by your side. She will provide valuable one-on-one, personal instruction, and will leave you with that “good tired” feeling of accomplishment, a morning well spent riding out a wave. “There’s no better feeling and thrill of riding out your first wave.”     
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