Kihei's achievements:


4th place Small Dog - 2015 Purina Pro Incredible Dog Challenge

1st place Small Dog - 2014 Surf City Surf Dog

2nd place Small Dog - 2013 Surf City Surf Dog

2012 Guinness World Record - Most Dogs on One Surfboard, Loews Surf Dog Competition
2nd place Small Dog - 2012 Surf City Surf Dog
1st place Small Dog - 2011 Surf City Surf Dog
1st place Small Dog - 2009 SurfinPaws Dog Jam HB


Guiness World Record
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Dr A Bixby Animal
 This is Dr. Abrishami, my veterinarian at Bixby Animal Ciinic  He keeps me healthy and feeling half my age.  
kihei 2009 winner


Unleashed Surfdog Competition     Imperial Beach, CA Saturday, August 1, 2015

Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon, Del Mar Dog Beach Sunday, September 13, 2015

Unleashed Surf City Surf Dog, Goldenwest Dog Beach, Huntington Beach, CA Sunday, September 25-27, 2015

The Adventures of Kihei



Row of Life



About Kihei

This is the story of Kihei (pronounced key-hay) the surfer dog, found running wild on the island of Maui. He was brought back on an airplane, after a fortuitous encounter with him and his brother on the streets of the city of Kihei, landed him in our laps; a stray that we rescued from Hawaii. I’m sure there are those that would beg to differ, that no one, or nothing can really be rescued from Hawaii. But if you are homeless, like Kihei was, coated in dirt and mange that made him look like a small gray bloated penguin on four legs with no hair, and bare spots, then Hawaii isn’t as pleasurable as it could be. If you had no name, a too-tight red collar, and a family of ticks living in your two over-sized ears, then, being adopted by a loving family with regular meals, a clean place to sleep, regular warm baths, and even a basket of toys, seemed a much better choice. 

And so after being checked out by a gentle veterinarian, he was identified as having a Dachshund and Chihuahua lineage, or as he came known to be, a Doxyhuahua. He became a fast favorite of the wonderful staff at the Maui animal shelter who thoroughly found and eliminated each and every ear tick. During our vacation stay, we took one day to go visit Kihei (as he had become known to be). We were lead to the back of the shelter where we followed the long rows of uninviting concrete and metal cages. And then, we came to Kihei’s cage in the corner, in the back row. There he was, a heart tugging, very small spot, sitting, smack in the middle of a very large cage, which made him look even smaller. Well, that was that, we couldn’t resist taking him out for the day, a foster day, to get to know our new short four-legged friend with the constantly wagging tail.

He donned a brand new hibiscus patterned collar and leash, that we bought him, and trotted proudly along with us every where we went around the island for three days. Until our last day, our day of departure, we had a decision to make. Leave this charming, smiling and adorable pup on a beautiful island where life had up until now, not been not so nice to him or decide whether to leave him at a warm and caring animal shelter, as the Maui shelter was, but yet leaving it up to chance that a good family would find him and adopt him, or, do we take him with us? That would mean buying him a ticket, taking him on a somewhat grueling 5-hour plane ride in the dark recesses of cargo, back to Long Beach, California, where it was considerably less warm and much less aloha. But, where we knew he would be a cuddly new addition to the family and where it was certain that he would be well-cared-for.

After seeing the small spot in the middle of the big cage that was Kihei, the decision to bring him back with us was easily made and completely unanimous.  He came with us to Long Beach, California, and made his way quickly into our hearts. He’s the type of dog that smiles at you at even just the mention of any of the words biscuit, toy, belly rub, ball, or breakfast. He is truly as laid back, as the island from which he came. All you have to do is pick him up once and you feel the Aloha Spirit; you fall quickly in love with this short-legged, big-eared, bundle of charm.


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